13 September 2018

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The Pietro Desk showcases a minimalistic design, tailored to suit all your needs of a basic workspace and more! Fully versatile, its no-frills build allows it to also double as a side or hall table, while its natural toned colours makes it go perfectly with just about any modern interior. A sturdy timber frame supports an oak veneer top, with its grain still visible, painted over with a latte lacquer finish.

This piece is all about simplicity and functionality, reflected by its prominent Scandanavian design, and is the ideal piece to create your perfect work environment.


Material Destails:  Made of oak wood and Oak veneer top with painted lacquer finish

Dimension:  1270 x 560 x 760 mm





Sketch is a journey into new Scandinavian interior. We are inspired by the power of good design to elevate our daily lives. Our Danish heritage dictates a simple, honest design approach, where good quality and usability are intrinsic. Sketch offers a collection of well-made products for the modern world; classics which will mellow and improve with age, and are destined to become favorites.