WON Design

13 September 2018

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Design by Oliver Schick

Inspired by harbour bollards used to tie up ships. The perfect equilibrium between shapes and materials, and with a simple yet strong graphical silhouette POLLER matches any interior design. A heavy base made of marble provides the right balance point and makes the table appear elegant and contemporary.


Material Top:     Black linoleum.

Material Base:   Black powder coated aluminum and marble.

Maintenance:    Clean top with damp cloth.



SMALL -  DIA 600 x 450 mm

LARGE -  DIA 800 x 300 mm




WON - Designing the future

WON is a new, innovative Danish design brand, established in 2015 on a solid foundation supported by three generations of passion for furniture design.

Based on the Scandinavian design universe, respect for simple form, good quality and workmanship - WON brings new energy to the table with an original furniture collection, targeting the creative, urban person.

The principal idea is to develop designs that exude Scandinavian lightness and match the modern city home - where there is a requirement for functionality and flexibility - and where aesthetics play a central role.

WON will set new standards and demonstrate that design makes a difference in everyday life. It happens at the fusion between tradition and innovation: the collection has clear retro-references with an added modern and dynamic twist.

A number of todays best and most innovative designers take up the drawing pencil after world famous icons such as Wegner and Juhl left off, and take it to new and inspiring places. The creative journey results in comfortable sofas and chairs in styles that contribute to a light and airy interior, as well as flexible tables and sculptural stools that attract the eye and optimise the homes functionality.

To take the vision of a brand with focus on nordic living to a new level, WON has teamed up with a range of young and established designers. Among the first contributors to the collection are 365° North, Steffensen & Würtz and Note Design Studio.

WON have ambitions of developing innovative furniture for modern people, based on uncompromising quality and keeping alive a burning passion for good design - and prove that it can all be done at reasonable prices.